Enhanced 911

The office of E-911 comes under the direction of Special Operations Unit of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. The office is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining and ensuring the accuracy of the Automatic Location Information Database for Taylor County.
  2. Coordinating between several offices including the 911 service provider, private sector and other governmental agencies.
  3. Developing plans to expand, upgrade, and maintain the current E-911 system.
  4. Continually strive to ensure Taylor County’s E-911 system is compatible with today’s technological advancements.
  5. Ensure Taylor County meets local, state, and federal guidelines set forth for E-911.
  6. Update and maintain computer based mapping system for emergency location purposes.
  7. Coordinate with other agencies in regard to collection of data for street addressing.

E-911 is governed by Florida Statue 365.171. This statute sets guidelines for the basis and funding source for Enhanced 911 systems in Florida.

Taylor County’s 911 system provides certain enhanced features including Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Automatic Location Identification (ALI), selective routing and selective transfer. All features are supplied by the telephone company (the 911 service provider). Although Taylor County is one of very few counties within the state to house its own database the information still comes from the 911 service provider.

What can you do to help 911?

Only call 911 in an emergency. Many times 911 call takers answer 911 to prank calls and someone looking for telephone numbers of other county offices.

If you have small children/grandchildren that visit consider writing your address and having it close to your telephone in case a child has to call 911 for you. This is to allow the 911 call taker to verify your address being displayed is correct.

POST YOUR ADDRESS. This is one of the most important factors to public safety personnel and their response time to an emergency. If it is dark outside they cannot see your driveway. The numbers should be on both sides of the sign.

911 address are issued by the Building and Planning Dept. at the county annex. In order to have phone service hooked up to your home, you must obtain a valid 911 address.